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A citadel of Torah on the northern border of Yerushalayim

The Neve Yaakov shopping and commercial plaza
The Neve Yaakov Shopping and Commercial Plaza

At the northernmost tip of Yerushalayim, bordering the Arab suburbs of Ramallah, lies the thriving Torah community of Neve Yaakov. From its humble beginnings as the “Kfar Ha’Ivri”

Local Parks
Children Playing in Local Parks

(“Jewish Village”), Neve Yaakov has grown into a proud bastion of thousands of deeply committed Jews who have a profound love of Hashem, His Torah, and the Land of Israel.

The kollel allows avreichim to produce Torah works
The Kollel Gives Avreichim Time to Produce Works of Torah

Neve Yaakov is also proud to be host to what is fast becoming one of the Jewish People’s premier institutes for advanced studies: Aish Tamid – Emek Beracha, the Neve Yaakov community kollel network. Comprised of one hundred seventy avreichim and located in seven batei midrashim, the members of Aish Tamid – Emek Beracha study by day and deep into the night researching, expounding, and elucidating virtually all facets of Torah Sheb’chsav and Torah Sheb’al Peh (the Written and Oral Torah).

Thriving Torah learning late into the night
Thriving Torah learning late into the night